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Re: [Orchid] Cats in Studios - does it work?
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Silverspotstudio Monday, November 01, 2004
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    I too know the company of "shop cats," although my studio is in the
    basement of our home rather than in a separate location. One of our
    two cats, a portly female, has her own chair from which she
    supervises all my activities. She doesn't seem to show the least
    interest in chewing on things (except crunchy plastic wrappers) and
    doesn't mind loud noises, but I do follow some common-sense
    cat-proofing guidelines to keep her out of trouble, such as always
    keeping chemicals sealed and stored away in drawers or cabinets, and
    keeping workpieces and bits of stock (especially wire, which invites
    play and could be extremely harmful) where she can't get to them. 

    I suppose your cat's suitability to your workshop depends largely on
    her personality. My female is an easygoing, fairly lazy, and
    imperturbable creature, which makes her a great shop cat.   Our other
    cat, however, is much more high-strung and easily startled by shop
    noise; life in the studio would make him a nervous wreck.  He's also
    a mushy lap cat and hard to keep out of the way.   Also, I'd be
    concerned about spending enough time with your cat if your studio is
    not in your home; a lonely cat will not be a happy one and will
    manifest this by getting into trouble. 

HTH, and good luck,
Jessee Smith

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