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[Orchid] Supplier information
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James E Good Sunday, October 31, 2004
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    I'm not sure if this would be considered the proper place for what I
    want to know.  In short, I am thinking about ordering some items
    from either Fire Mountain Gems, Urban Maille Chain Works, or Tripps.
     In the past, I think all of these places have been listed in the
    header of the Ganoksin digest. If anyone has experience (good, bad,
    or otherwise) with any of these companies, I would like to hear
    about your opinion of the company. 


    Ganoksin's "Guide to Industry Web Sites" offers a platform for
    sharing experiences dealing with suppliers and services. 


    By way of introduction, I am a retired aeronautics company metal
    worker.  I have experience in handling small, detailed parts and
    items.  I also have experience in different forms of what some could
    call "designer art."  I work with leather both in wearable items
    (handbags, slippers, and billfolds), and in more custom items.  Some
    of what I plan on making could incorporate leather, silver (or
    gold), and precious stones (tourquois, rubies, saphires, etc.). 

Thank you for the information.
Jim Good
jimgood AT

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