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Re: [Orchid] Tungsten Carbide - Where have we been?
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Sam Turner Thursday, September 02, 2004
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Hi All

    I have been working in Titanium and silver for some time now. You do
    go through more saw blades and joining is a challange but the
    effects are wonderful. I use it more as an accent, perhaps a
    coloured line between two silver parts, or (really fun) I make a
    standard bezel, cut the Ti to fit, texture and colour it and then
    set it in the normal way. Drill and saw a bit slower than normal and
    you should be fine. I use it to add value and interest to an
    otherwise normal-ish design. You can get better colours anodizing
    but the expense for me is prohibitive. Get used to the colour
    sequence and you can stop the colour where you want it. 


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