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Re: [Orchid] Cold enameling with colored resin
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Noel Yovovich Tuesday, April 06, 2004
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    Sheesh, folks, gimme a break!   

    I would never knowingly mislead a customer about what I'm selling,
    or anything else. I got flamed off-line for not being overly worried
    that resin is sometimes called cold enamel. Now I'm getting reamed
    "in public". 

    Bottom line, misleading people is wrong. Duh! Someone who is out to
    defraud will try to do it, and lecturing ethical people will not
    change that. Lecturing unethical people won't change it either, come
    to think. 

    I call it "cold enamel" or "epoxy enamel" or "resin enamel" because
    1) it looks a lot like traditional enamel in that opaque to
    transparent colored material is laid into metal in ways that mimic
    enamel, and 2) because, as I said, I used enamel powder to color the
    epoxy. (Why? Because that was the way I learned, and I had it
    available.) Call it Duckbill Farbling if you want to! Either way,
    you still have to educate the customer. I have seen people selling
    work made this way without explaining what it really is. Do I
    approve? Heck, no! 

    I sometimes work in traditional enamels as well. And, as I think I
    said, I haven't done "epoxy enamel" in years. All I did was answer a
    question for somebody, and ask that we not go through exactly this,
    which has been flogged on this forum before ad nauseum. But feel
    free, I'll open wide and you can all jump down my throat. I only
    ask, "let he who is without fault cast the first stone." 


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