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Re: [Orchid] Diamond developments
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Gerald Wednesday, March 10, 2004
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    Good Grief David, what have I been missing, do 'we' now have to now
    tell Mother Nature that we have simulated stones that look better
    than her own creations. She will not be amused ! Nothing is "like" a
    diamond, nothing is as "hard" as a diamond. So why in blazes are
    people thinking similar looking crystalline objects are diamonds???
    If you find a substance of equal strength of a diamond, well lets
    think this over, until then. Forget it! " Thou shall not confuse the
    issue" No other material has the right to be called a simulated
    diamond, because you can't simulate a diamond.!!!!...end of story!!!! 
    Gerry! the guy who sets diamonds and other "gemstones" !

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