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[Orchid] Apprenticing
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karen . twitchell Tuesday, January 06, 2004
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    Great site. I'm enjoying browsing through all the wonderful
    resources. I have a question regarding apprenticing. I am just
    starting to explore the jewellery making field. I'm interested in
    learning the craft, but there's not art school with a focus on
    metal/jewellery in my city. I have taken just one weekend workshop
    with a German-trained master goldsmith. I will be taking another with
    her. She said to me after that I do have a talent for it. I realize
    that I can't learn all the skills I need to learn to go anywhere with
    this by taking weekend workshops. I'm wondering how apprenticeships
    work. I offhandedly asked her, and she didn't seem to know. She's
    never had an apprentice. She seemed to think that the apprentice would
    pay her. I don't think that's right. Anyways, I'm wondering how I
    should approach her, or someone else about becoming an apprentice,
    possibly part-time so I can continue to earn money at my current
    profession, writing. What if I "volunteer" to help her for free in
    exchange for learning more about the craft? Would that be a
    reasonable offer. I am told that some jeweller pay other to do basic
    work, but at this point I'm not concerned about getting paid...I just
    want to learn as much as I can without completely giving up my day
    job. Anyways, I'm trying to figure out how to approach someone with
    this idea. Or is it riduculous to even contemplate this when I have
    no training? 

    If you can answer this...thanks a lot in advance! 

    Karen Twitchell 

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