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Re: [Orchid] Starting a jewelry business
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Frif Tuesday, January 06, 2004
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    Anna ~ I suggest that you do some serious looking in the most
    expensive jewelry stores in the largest city in your area.  

    Take note of the lighting,, what kind, where, and how intense,  It
    is one of the most important things you will do.  Poor or the wrong
    kind of light (ohhh are there a lot of them!) you will see stones or
    metal show their natural color. (or badly distorted) You want to have
    a LOT of light to make things sparkle.  It is a real science, but
    careful observation will do it for you. 

    Display is the second item, just how they are positioned, high, low,,
    on a form or a card, a stand, or cloth, it must be  well placed for
    catching the eye, with good light. See how they space,, position and
    combine pieces.  Note what is in the case as the customers first
    enter,, what is the eye catcher?  

    And for me,, the customer, is there a place for me to be
    comfortable? To sit and try on?  To discuss and consider?  Are you
    considering a hospitality corner?  

    And,, are you going to avoid the appearance of being a resale

    While I was with a state affiliate of JA, there was much
    consideration of the new jewelry reality in the United States.  It is
    mostly a few huge conglomerates using several names, even having
    several stores under different names in one large center.   Anyway, 
    the chain and discount stores are competing for the low price point,
    and likewise, quality.   The family jeweler who has operated the
    mostly resale store, with a little custom work is going to suffer
    badly in the new market. 

    It is considered to be the savy design jeweler who has undertaken
    serious technical and financial education while delivering the
    finest  in quality and customer service who will be left standing
    after the discounters drive one another into the ground.       

    It wouldn't hurt to contact your state's JA group and see if they
    have services and programs which would help you in getting

Good luck!  What work, and fun!!

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