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[Orchid] Looking forward to being more active
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Cathy Wheless - artjeweler Monday, July 07, 2003
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    Dear Orchid Pals, For some time my activity with jewelry and
    Orchidland has been a little dormant. I took a little detour in to
    real estate investing and now that property is sold. Yippee!! I look
    forward to renewed activity with this wonderful forum. This is truly
    a most altruistic group. 

    As some of you may already know I have very limited physical ability
    to work. Due to a lumbar spinal cord injury about twenty years ago I
    have nerve damage and chronic pain. I do my best to work about three
    hours a day (6 am to 9am) and I feel so blessed to continue the work
    that I love. This is what I was born to do. At this time my husband
    is facing some disabling health problems and I have just been
    referred to a neurosurgeon for spine impingement at cervical levels
    5, 6 & 7.  We are coping well and have so many supportive people in
    our lives. I am asking this group for special prayers or healing
    thoughts that I will be able to continue to work. If any body has a
    hot line to the heavenly jewelry beings it is this group. 

    Thank you Hanuman, 

Cathy Wheless

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