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Re: [Orchid] Sterling
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Allan Heywood Friday, March 07, 2003
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    Peter, I'm coming to believe I should have kept my mouth shut for a
    bit longer on this one. I appear to have let my belief substitute for
    knowledge in re the legalities of the Sterling standard - not a very
    scientific approach <g> and one I don't have a lot of time for. 

    Without wishing to grovel overly much at this stage, I'd like to say
    that my concern was only that the "you can't enamel Sterling silver
    castings successfully" myth was being perpetuated here on Orchid.
    I've spent the thick end of 20 years trying to correct that belief in

    If, as you and others have pointed out, in the U.S. Sterling silver
    is legally "anything that contains a minimum of 92.5% silver" then I 
    now understand why few of your enamellers can get it to work !  Over
    the years I've tested the suitability of  the major deox/bright
    silver alloys for vitreous enamelling ( samples of a couple of the
    next generation of alloys as recently as a few months ago ). Some of
    this type of alloy can be enamelled ( i.e. the enamel will fuse to
    the metal and not delaminate ) but all that I have come across have
    problems of one sort or another that make them unsuitable for quality
    vitreous enamelling. 

    It will be interesting to see what posts are made in re the laws
    regarding Sterling in the various jurisdictions - I still believe <g>
    that dogs aren't cats. 


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