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[Orchid] [Looking 4] plastic sheets
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Pat Topp Wednesday, January 02, 2002
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    I am making a series of award pins consisting of a die cut of a
    small fat pig (as in the sport of curling=hog line) in 24 ga. gold
    filled and also nickle which would then be mounted onto a square of
    blue (first event) some onto red (2nd event) some onto White (3rd
    event) and then some onto green (4th event).  Winners receiving the
    gold and runners up get the nickle codlor.  In the past I have made
    many curling award pins with fused glass in the appropriate colors. 
    However, the red is always a big problem firing.  I was thinking of
    making these with a fused tie tack finding and just placing the
    little hog (really cute) onto a stiff colored plastic backing?  I
    could just drill a hole in the backing and adhere the hog in the
    center of a little square.  I need the colors listed to
    differentiate between winners of different events.  They tend to
    wear them year after year and this allows everyone to know which
    event they won.  Anyone use sheet plastic in colors and where would
    I go find such an item? 

Thanks, Pat DIACCA Topp

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