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Re: [Orchid] repairing silver ring
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Michael R.Mathews Sr. Monday, November 13, 2000
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>        Oh please, please, don't give people advice unless you really
>     know    its absolutely true 

    Hello Tony: I respect your decision not to solder rings with the
    stones under water. We should all realize our bounderies and what we
    are comfortable doing. As a full time bench jeweler who makes a living
    doing repairs and custom work, I must say that if I were to remove
    every heat sensitive stone every time I wanted to size or repair a
    ring I would not make any money. If I was to try to charge the
    customer for all that extra labor and material, they would go
    elsewhere (to someone like me). If I were to refuse any of those jobs,
    I would not be able to consider myself a full service jeweler. Most
    importantly, If I were to advise a customer that the only way to do
    the repair was to remove the stone or stones, then I would be
    misleading them. Removing a bezel set stone and then reseting it is
    risking the stone also. Soldering or welding rings with heat sensitive
    stones is not without risk and should not be taken lightly, but it is
    a useful method of dealing with many jobs that come into my shop
    daily. I invite you to visit my web page and read my step by step
    proceedure. I'm sure you will agree that with due care this method is

    Michael R. Mathews Sr.   Victoria,Texas   USA  

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