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[Orchid] LJ November Issue
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Teresa Masters Tuesday, November 07, 2000
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    Cynthia, The LJ magazine and the JJ are so wonderful, what is even
    more so is that over the years and over Orchid, we have come to "know"
    one another primarily by the way we communicate, positively. 

    I would say we are light years ahead in openly communicating,
    encouraging, marveling without jealousy or prejudice. As we come to
    know a fine author by their words, we have also come to know one
    another by our words first and deeds second. Those with name
    recognition that are "luminaries" within the Art , creation, and
    teaching of Jewelry, are here among us and ever so willingly offer
    their expertise, never from an assumed lofty position, but just one of

    The borders of our world are now so greatly expanded, that we all
    think globally and are the better for it. Rarely is there one
    upmanship here among us. The Jewelry designer at home raising children
    being featured in a globally accepted publication because the writer
    among us is doing exactly that and her field of art, words. 

    I know this is only the beginning, more will come forward, and more
    will be published. There is no limit. 

    I know more of us will meet one another and it will spiral out from
    there. I look forward to meetings again this year in Tucson and
    hopefully Quartzsite also. For the rockhounds among us, a field trip
    here or there, I will make Thunder Bay this year Giovanna, anyone
    interested in coming out this way San Diego County or the Mojave
    Desert, just ask. 

    It is a great feeling to open a magazine and see a familiar name or
    face, great work all of you, congratulations. 

    Dr. Aspler, it goes beyond saying, many thanks. Teresa  

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