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Re: [Orchid] CZ photographs Blue
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will Saturday, December 04, 1999
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    Suzanne, I will do a little digging on this problem later this
    afternoon. I will assume that the photographers used the correct
    film (daylight/Tungsten) for the light source. I have a hunch
    that the type of film used does not record certain wavelengths
    produced by the CZ and the film only "saw" blue. Another
    possibility might be that the camera lens might absorb certain
    warm bands and again the film only records the blue waves that
    pass through the lens. I will have to dig through my collection
    for pink CZ and try this one out. I think the color center for
    lavender and pink CZ is either cobalt or neodymium, which can
    result in some complicated optical physics. Will Estavillo,  

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