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[Orchid] wax carving and stuff
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Marshall Jones Friday, August 01, 1997
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    Here is my problem--I do not have any real artistic training.  I
    have ideas, but I do not know how to translate these ideas to wax
    or metal. I have the basic jewelry skills (soldering, etc.), but
    I am hitting an impasse when it comes to design.  How can I teach
    myself to express these ideas in a concrete way??  For instance,
    I may have a shape that I want to carve into wax.  The only
    problem is, I cannot represent it 2-demensionally (with any
    modicum of success) and when it comes to doing it 3D, I usually
    give up because I get so frustrated.  Can anybody give me some
    pointers/resources/talent (tee-hee).  Thanks  

M. Jones 
celt AT

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