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Orchid Presents: Corliss and John Rose Visit Artist's Website Email the Artist

High Tech Fusion - The Jewelry of 2-Roses

2-Roses is a life long artistic exploration and collaboration between metalsmith Corliss Rose, and lapidary John Lemieux Rose. Each is a master craftsman with a distinctive style and artistic vision all their own. Corliss' work explore themes of evolution, emergence and movement using precious metal, gems and mixed media. John's work is a conscious effort to expand the limits of jewelry art through the combination of unorthodox materials and techniques. Together the 2-Roses have forged a unique creative synergy that explores the boundaries between jewelry, art, nature, and fantasy.

As futurists and jewelers, 2 Roses explore the forms of electronic and computer materials in personal adornment. Rejecting the obvious and traditional approach of hiding the circuitry inside a shell, the artists turned conventional thinking inside out. The Non-conforming series celebrates the textures, colors, patterns materials and artistic circuitry design that has been completely hidden from view - until now.

The 2-Roses have further explored the concept and use of "found objects" in their high tech fusion "Non Conforming Series."

The driving force behind these recent works comes from the concept of ubiquitous computing. Computers are not just appliances any more, but are literally being integrated onto and into our persons. Today, computer circuitry can be miniaturized to the nano-level and injected under the skin. Extremely lightweight flexible circuitry makes computers wearable in form of clothing and adornment. The jewelry of 2 Roses explores computerization and the concepts of contradiction, tradition, expectation, conformity and value in personal adornment.

One connection between all peoples and societies is the use of "found" objects for personal adornment. Traditionally, found objects meant natural materials such as stone, bone, fur, wood and shell. The development of an industrialized society resulted in the burgeoning use of man made "found" objects for adornment. String, glass, keys, bottle caps, photographs and buttons all became fair game for the jeweler's art. 2 Roses, already well known for their use of unorthodox materials, chose computer circuitry as a medium because it literally defines the 21st century for our highly developed technological society. It is at once precious and disposable, hidden yet everywhere, defiant of expectation and conforming to an undeniably traditional lineage.

All of the circuitry used in this series has been branded "non-conforming" in the engineering sense, because it does not perform to precise manufacturing specifications. In the jewelry sense it does not conform to traditional expectations of precious materials. This raises the issue of defining value, and its malleable nature. Some of the circuit boards used in the series cost well over $5000 each to manufacture, making them far more valuable than the precious metal or gems used in any of the individual pieces. That value instantly dropped to zero when the circuitry was deemed "non-conforming". Value is reinstated in the materials by realigning the viewer's expectations and relationship with the object as adornment.

necklace of electronic connectors with 18k yellow gold accents - 16" long
necklace of circuit boards and sterling silver - 16" long
necklace of segmented sircuit board pieces connected with sterling silver - 16" long
earrings of Circuit board, CD-Rom, refractive polymer, lenticular plastic and sterling silver approx 2" dia.
multi-layered bangle bracelet of circuit board and sterling silver
  Please note that all works presented here are Copyright © The Artist. Please respect their copyrights to their work and contact the artist for permission if you wish to copy their images.  
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