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Spend $ 5 to improve your craft - Exceptional eBooks at ridiculous prices.

Complete jewelry making old & rare books full of tricks & recipes! download at $ 5 per eBook

Over the last three decades we have acquired over 40 rare historical Metalsmithing books that we are making available to jewelers, goldsmiths and the metalsmithing community.

These books cover special techniques in depth like chasing, repousse, engraving, niello making, Japanese chiseling, soldering, construction, patination and metal coloring, silversmithing and more. There are many recipes for alloys and metal surface treatments.

For the first time in history, these ancient metal tricks and recipes will be made available to the contemporary community of curious artists and metalsmiths. This information will allow the reader to apply the simple and ingenious procedures used by the jewelers of the past, long dead masters of the art of metalsmithing. Many of the tricks and recipes described will save the maker money, as older approaches can sometimes replace modern tools.

As with all the Ganoksin project books the text has been scanned using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which means it is searchable and useable in ways not seen in a standard pdf. Similarly the images are separately scanned and then stitched into the text, allowing you to zoom in for very high magnification views of the detail in the images.

Each pdf is a full digital book of searchable text and images, with an easy access through an interactive table of contents.

We invite you to own the entire collection of manuscripts, and benefit from the ancient wisdom that we are presenting, while supporting the Ganoksin Project.

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