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The Four C's Plus One - By Sondra Francis

The valuation of a gemstone is derived from the "FOUR C's": carat, color, clarity, and cut. Understanding all four of these is vital background to the buyer. If you are buying an expensive stone with a price in four figures or more, buy it loose so you can see it weighed and be able to fully examine...

Tags: | Handbook for the Gem Buyer |

Sheet Metal Tool Modification for quick, tight, crimping. - By Trish McAleer

Sheet Metal Tool Modification, Look for: WISS Hand Seamer (as LAST resort BRAMEC or VISE-GRIP) sheet metal bending tools and modify as shown. Recommended for quick, tight crimping! I prefer the Wiss Hand Seamer Model HS-1 or as a LAST resort you can purchase Vise-Grip Locking Sheet Metal Tool #23 ...

Tags: | Fold Forming | Small Tools |

Green, Yellow-Green, and Brownish-Yellow-Green Beryls - By Edna B. Anthony

Yellow-green beryl has achieved 'desired gem' status with consumers just within the last few years. Museums were eager to acquire spectacular specimens, while connoisseurs sought it for their collections. However, fashion trendsetters ignored it. As in aquamarine, the iron incorporated into its...

Tags: | Gemstones Information |

New Heights, New Widths - The Jewelry of Cynthia Eid - By Nina Graci

Standing in her forming studio, surrounded by hammers, stakes, and photo equipment, metalsmith Cynthia Eid is experiencing a moment of excitement. Even though she has finessed metal into altered states for 30 years, this decisive moment is always riveting. A sheet of sterling silver gleams on the...

Tags: | Behind The Design | Fold Forming |

Found Objects - Experimental Jewelry from Senegal - By Peter Henselder

Experimentelles Schmuck design (Experimental Jewelry Design) is the name of a project implemented by the Berlin-based painter and goldsmith Werner Reister in collaboration with the Goethe Institut in Dakar (West Africa). No one dreamed of the eventual developments stemming from the German/Senegalese...

Tags: | Behind The Design |

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