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Making a pair of prong notching pliers - By Charles Lewton-Brain

These pliers notch round prongs easily to a given depth and replace a bur for the job. They are made to suit a specific size prong and one makes similar pliers for different prong shapes, but all based on this idea. One obtains a pair of chain nose pliers either new or from a flea market and...

Tags: | Small Tools | Customize Your Tools |

Tanzania Mining, Interrupted - By Hamza Kondo

While a worldwide shortage in gem rough sends prices spiralling upward, gem deposits in Africa are lying unworked, or underworked, due to lack of development funds. A prime example of the problem is northern Tanzania -- including the well-known tanzanite mines at Merelani....

Tags: | GemBiz |

Moissanite Necklace Repair Using Pulse-Arc Welding Technology - By Mark B. Mann

This necklace contains Charles & Colvard created moissanite. It has been mistakenly pulled and a few links have broken. Repairing the links using pulse-arc-welding technology removes the potential to freeze links, reduces the build-up of oxidation and decreases time required for clean-up as opposed...

Tags: | Repairs | Fusing & Welding |

Basic Fire Safety Hints for Jewelers - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Have a fire plan; ask your fire department for advice. Keep the appropriate extinguishers around and in good shape. Get ABC all-purpose extinguishers. Get the manufacturers manual and read all the instructions carefully at least three times. Review your fire safety now and then. Make sure you know...

Tags: | Workshop Safety |

Reinventing retail with CAD - By Sherris Cottier Shank

Greg Stopka of JewelSmiths in Pleasant Hill , California , has been in the jewelry business since he was eight years old. Through the years he has developed strong sales and presentation skills. But when he was introduced to CAD (computer-aided design) seven years ago, he found a tool that could...

Tags: | CAD/CAM | Business & Marketing |

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