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A Method of Patinating Brass Alloys Using Contact Plating - By Charles Lewton-Brain

This procedure should be undertaken with appropriate precautions; goggles, gloves, protective clothing, adequate ventilation. Recently I have been presented with the problems of repairing or changing the color of Indian made polished brass objects, usually to brown or grey tones. In one case the...

Tags: | Patination |

The Formation of Gem Materials - By Sondra Francis

The most valuable gems come from crystallized minerals that have formed under heat and pressure deep inside the earth. The perfect order of the crystal structure is what makes gemstones transparent yet durable. Crystallization of minerals is a fairly slow process, to enable it to occur, specific...

Tags: | Gemology | Handbook for the Gem Buyer |

950 Palladium: Fabricating Custom Earrings - By Mark B. Mann

This article examines manufacturing procedures used to hand fabricate 950 palladium earrings. These custom earrings designed by Lainie Mann feature cultured mabe pearls and pink sapphires set into hand formed and fabricated 950 palladium. The materials used in this project include....

Tags: | Palladium Fabrication |

Freshwater Pearls from China - By Richard W. Wise

China was one of the first to master the art of culturing. The Middle Kingdom began producing cultured pearls in the fourteenth century. In the 1960s a state-controlled industry introduced freshwater cultured pearls to the world market. Originally cultured using the wild Cristaria plicata or...

Tags: | Pearls |

Bur with Safe Edge Tool - By Ronda Coryell

Here iss a nice little tool that makes use of an old setting bur. If you take the bottom teeth off a setting bur and polish the surface, you will have a tool that allows you to get right up next to the wall of a bezel and work on it without harming the metal on the bottom of the piece.....

Tags: | Small Tools | Homemade Tools | Customize Your Tools |

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