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Tips on Gemstone Care - By Sandra I. Smith

Many gemstone owners enjoy wearing their treasures. Few things can ruin that enjoyment faster than the discovery of damage such as scratches, chips, or discoloration. Unfortunately, some damage is permanent. The good news is that proper cleaning and care prevents most gemstone damage....

Tags: | Gemstones Information |

Why Is a Bracelet Called a Bracelet? - By Sandra I. Smith

Do you know why that piece of jewelry that goes around your arm is called a bracelet? Or why a hair clasp is called a barrette? And how about brooch - that's a strange name to call an ornament fastened to your clothing. I make jewelry and normally all I think about is designs and colors. But one day...

Tags: | Beginner's Corner |

Bring Your A-Game; Designing Around an Incredible Asscher - By Joel McFadden

When a customer brings you a 4.27 carat, E color, VS1 clarity, Asscher cut diamond, it´s tough not to be intimidated and awed. The client, one of my best customers, also had very specific requirements for the platinum bridal set that would house the stone: The engagement ring and wedding band...

Tags: | Jewelry Design | Step-by-Step Projects |

The Nuances of Small Stakes and Anvils - By William Fretz

Shaping a bezel on stakes is a process of forming the metal by stretching. First the metal is bent with pliers to fit the gem, forming a shape smaller than the stone while following its contour. The gauge of the sheet metal chosen is slightly thicker than the final result. As the process unfolds,...

Tags: | Small Tools | Stone Setting |

Manufacturing Custom Earrings Using Tack-Welding Technology - By Mark B. Mann

This custom job of 14 karat yellow gold earrings with diamonds and pink tourmaline is made easy using tack-welding technology. Tacking the pieces prior to soldering enabled me to ensure proper alignment and soldering procedures without the need for excessive and cumbersome holding devices. The...

Tags: | Fusing & Welding |

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