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The Cutting Edge - Machine cut Gemstones - By Douglas Graham

Until fairly recently, gem cutting was one of the few areas of the world economy to remain uncontaminated by the computer revolution. All of that changed with the proliferation of personal computers in the 1980's and 90's Since that time, new computer based technologies have trickled to all segments...

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Platinum Casting Investments - By Robert Grierson

In this paper I will attempt to give some insight into the investments used to cast Platinum and also talk about how we go about developing them. While this particular class of materials has been around for a long time, there have been recent improvements brought on at least partially by the...

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How to make a Tumbler - By Alan Lewis

The construction process is simple enough if you have basic do-it-yourself skills. Firstly, assemble the timber frame as shown below using a length of 4x2 inch planed timber and a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood. In my case the base was 39 inches long by 16 inches wide. The plywood base was screwed to the...

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The Uncommon Sorosilicate Gemstones: Hemimorphite, Lawsonite, Idocrase, And The Epidote Group. - By Edna B. Anthony

The sorosilicate class of minerals is composed of more than seventy minerals. Most are rare, and only a few are used as gemstones or are cut for collectors. The exception, the lovely tanzanite of the zoisite group that forms in the orthorhombic crystal system, was discussed in a previous article....

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Installing New Tapered Bezels Using Tack-Welding Technology - By Mark B. Mann

This ring is in for repair and reconstruction. When it was originally made, 6-prong settings were used to mount the customers diamonds. All prong tops are severely worn and one prong has broken. The customer has requested bezel settings, so the prong settings were removed from the ring. The ring was...

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