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Manufacturing a Sterling Silver with Platinum Bracelet - By Mark B. Mann

To demonstrate how pulse-arc welding performs on sterling silver, this bracelet was cast, finished and assembled without the use of a torch. The six links immediately adjacent to the clasp on the bracelet are made with a common sterling silver alloy and the other five are made using the new sterling...

Tags: | Platinum Fabrication | Fusing & Welding |

Fracture healing / filling of Mong Hsu ruby - By Richard W. Hughes

Foreign affairs - A well-known European dealer sells a 2.5-carat Möng Hsu ruby to a major jeweler in Europe. This jeweler then sells the stone to a Japanese client through their Japanese subsidiary. The client now takes the stone to a gemological lab, which issues a report stating that the gem's...

Tags: | Gemstone Treatments |

Packing Ideas - Presenting and Displaying Watches and Jewelry - By kph

These days, great demands am placed on display materials and packaging. They must be inexpensive, part of an integrated communication system, easy to handle, attractive, and of course be a good creative fit with the design....

Tags: | Business & Marketing |

Working with 35 mm Slides - By Charles Lewton-Brain

A note on slide developing: you want your slides to be developed for the best quality possi¬ble. If you want to impress your local photo shop, you go in and you ask “do you do dip and dunk E-6 photo processing?” Dip and dunk means that it’s not touched by human hands or rollers or anything, and it’s...

Tags: | Jewelry Photography |

Chrysoberyl - Alexandrite and Cat's eye - By Sondra Francis

Ironically, chrysoberyl varieties include two of the world's most exotic and expensive gems, alexandrite and cat's-eye chrysoberyl, while yellow or yellowish-green faceted chrysoberyl is a nondescript variety in the low to moderate price range. Chrysoberyl is a tough and durable gem, which is rare...

Tags: | Handbook for the Gem Buyer | Gemstones Information |

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