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Other hinge pin installation options - By Charles Lewton-Brain

It is, however, usually best to bevel the openings of a tube slightly to give the rivet a better purchase in use. A beveled tube end produces a good flush rivet....

Tags: | Hinges & Catches |

Fold-Forming: T-Fold Boat Fold - By Charles Lewton-Brain

The boat fold branch of T-folds is an interesting avenue. It permits you to have a curving, concave table, and to produce shaped tables as well as other complex derivations. The basic boat is begun by making a wedge T-fold. After the first angle is made the loop is tipped inthe other direction and...

Tags: | Fold Forming |

Brepohl on chasing and repousse - By Prof. Dr. Erhard Brepohl

The terms repousse and chasing are often confused and not without good reason since the two techniques are often worked together. One might as well think of ‘slipping and sliding’ to realize how difficult to establish a clear definition particular to each process. In general we might think of...

Tags: | Chasing and repousse |

Casting Safety: a glimpse - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Here's something to aim for: a well laid-out, orderly workshop, well-lit by multiple non glare light sources, well-maintained equipment, electrically and fire safe, with low dust and few procedures involving solvents, with excellent local ventilation at the appropriate work....

Tags: | Lost Wax Casting | Workshop Safety |

Cleaning Metal Surfaces - By Charles Lewton-Brain

For all metal coloring and electroplating a clean metal surface is essential. The cleaning process must remove mineral oils, organic oils and greases as well as traces of chemicals on the surface. It must remove oxidation which might interfere with the metal coloration or plating adhesion and it...

Tags: | Surface Manipulation | Plating & Electroforming |

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