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Practical Wax Modeling: Advanced Techniques for Wax Modelers - By Charles Lewton-Brain

To begin with I highly recommend this book of technical information and procedures for anyone wanting to learn wax modelling techniques (as always given patience and practice in carrying out the exercises). There is very little available in English on jewellery oriented professional wax working and...

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Pickling Notes - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Jewelers treat soldered objects with dilute acid solutions to remove oxides produced from heating and soldering as well as glassy flux residues. This process is called pickling. I believe the term comes from the chemical jewelers once used to do the job: Alum, such as is used traditionally for...

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Jewelry Stone Make of Milk - By Christel Trimborn

In 1898, Wilhelm Krische, owner of a factory that made history books and a stone printing shop, patented one of the first plastics. But he had no way of knowing that thirty years later, Coco Chanel would take the "milk stone" Krische had developed and would help it make a final breakthrough in the...

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Matter into Metaphor - Transformation in Asian and Western Metals - By Celia Rabinovitch

The origins of metallurgy are shrouded in mystery, contributing to the mythology that dev eloped around the metalsmith's art. With some variations this tradition existed in ancient China , Africa , and Europe but stemmed from roots so archaic as to arise from a basic principle....

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Product Testing - Platinum-enhanced Gold - By Mike Binnion

Following the release of its Sterling with Platinum alloy, ABI Precious Metals in Carson, California, has developed yellow gold alloys that contain platinum. Having had success casting the Sterling with Platinum, we were curious to see how the new yellow gold alloys measured up. ABI sent us three...

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