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Quick Tip - Slicing Wax Slabs - By Kate Wolf

A drill press (either a full size, miniature, or Foredom) with an end mill or cylinder bur can thin down wax slabs quickly and accurately. Position the bottom of the cylinder bur or end mill slightly higher than the desired thickness of the finished wax....

Tags: | Bench Tips & Tricks | Wax Working |

Amber - Frozen Moments in Time - By Garry Platt

Amber begins as resin exuded from trees millions of years ago. All known deposits of amber come from various tree species which are now extinct. Baltic amber was produced by a tree called Pinites succinifer, a tree sharing many characteristics of the currently living species Pseudolarix. In...

Tags: | Gemstones Information |

Installing New Tapered Bezels Using Tack-Welding Technology - By Mark B. Mann

This ring is in for repair and reconstruction. When it was originally made, 6-prong settings were used to mount the customers diamonds. All prong tops are severely worn and one prong has broken. The customer has requested bezel settings, so the prong settings were removed from the ring. The ring was...

Tags: | Fusing & Welding |

Dictionary of Potentially Harmful Metalsmithing Studio Substances - By Linda Weiss

In every aspect of my daily life I am, and have been for quite some time, concerned with promoting and maintaining my health. This concern naturally carries over into my working environment. The following article lists potentially harmful substances encountered by the metalsmith - Dictionary of...

Tags: | Health Hazard |

Aquamarine: a cyclosilicate - By Edna B. Anthony

The region of pegmatite dikes in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil has been the primary source of gem beryl and several other species of colored gemstones for many years. Rivers have cut places through the dikes and alluvial deposits, called 'cascalho', which are....

Tags: | Gemstones Information |

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