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Gemstone Coloration and Dyeing - The Blues: Cobalt Series - By George W. Fischer

The use of cobalt compounds to impart blue hues to glass, glazes and enamels has been known for centuries. "Cobalt blue" glass is familiar to just about everyone. It seemed logical that cobalt compounds could be useful to impart color to gemstone and this has proven to be true. Several cobalt...

Tags: | Gemstone Coloration and Dyeing |

Palladium 950: Custom Made Components - By Mark B. Mann

When making custom jewelry with any alloy, certain components within the piece are often hand made to enhance the final product. In the two 950 palladium pieces featured in this article, a handmade chain and a bracelet catch are custom made to compliment the design and finished pieces....

Tags: | Palladium Fabrication |

Tanzanian Ruby Find Brings Hope - By Hamza Kondo

High quality ruby is being mined in the province of Rukwa , in the southern highlands of Tanzania , according to local sources. Miners in the region are calling the material "Burma" or "pigeon blood" ruby, a reference to the most desirable colors on the market today....

Tags: | GemBiz |

Installing New Tapered Bezels Using Tack-Welding Technology - By Mark B. Mann

This ring is in for repair and reconstruction. When it was originally made, 6-prong settings were used to mount the customers diamonds. All prong tops are severely worn and one prong has broken. The customer has requested bezel settings, so the prong settings were removed from the ring. The ring was...

Tags: | Fusing & Welding |

The Earliest Cloisonne Enamels from Cyprus - By Dr. Panicos Michaelides

An island in the eastern Mediterranean, with a history of more than 8000 years, Cyprus was one of the earliest producers of copper in the world, had a flourishing metal industry and during the "Golden Age" of Cyprus, the island enjoyed a high level of prosperity. This brought a great number of...

Tags: | Jewelry History | Enameling History | Cloisonne Enamel |

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