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Coloring for Metalsmiths - By Nina Graci

Jewelers are a restless and inquisitive group. Not content with producing sumptuous jewelry, they spray it with chemicals, dip it in acids or torch it. Just to see what happens. On a good day, what happens is colored metal. However, the unpredictability, potential toxicity, and the subdued color...

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Get a Grip - Tips for using tweezers at the bench - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Tweezers are a constant in a jeweler's life, particularly in these safety conscious times. Tweezer use can help reduce your contact with nasty dermatitis causing chemicals. For example, when used for handling objects in solutions such as pickle, soap, and cleansers, tweezers limit potential damage...

Tags: | Small Tools | Bench Tips & Tricks |

Nephrite and Jadeite - By Sandra I. Smith

Two gemstones bear the name jade: nephrite and jadeite. Nephrite, first known as yu, was treasured by the Chinese for centuries. Its current name, and the word "jade," both came from the Europeans via the Spanish conquistadores who....

Tags: | Gemstones Lore |

Using a Millimeter Gauge to Place Gems for Graver Setting - By Gary Dawson

Meticulous planning and tedious layout are a big part of a goldsmiths life at the bench. It usually pays dividends to thoughtfully plan gemstone layout for graver setting. If youre off by just 0.1 mm in one direction or another, you can sometimes visually ruin the aesthetics of an expensive project...

Tags: | Stone Setting | Bench Tips & Tricks |

David Secrest - The Man with X-Ray Vision - By Barbra Brady

David Secrest is to the manor of craftsmen born. Coming from a family of creative peoplehis father a potter, his mother a painter, his brother Peter now a respected contemporary glass artist - he notes that his training derived from handson observing and assisting, rather than through formal...

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