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An investment procedure for lost wax casting - By Charles Lewton-Brain

Clean, fresh investment, water and investment at room temperature, de-ionized or distilled water or water that has been sitting overnight. Follow the proportions suggested by the investment manufacturer. Usually 40cc of water to 100 grams of investment is good. Use a dust filter mask and gloves....

Tags: | Lost Wax Casting |

A selected Jewelry / Metals Bibliography - By Charles Lewton-Brain

A selected bibliography list for the jeweler - Metal working, Casting, Plating, Enamelling ,Gem Cutting, Setting, Engraving and Etching, Other Techniques, Jewelry Repairs and A Selected Bibliography for Materials Science for Goldsmiths - Over 100 listings....

Tags: | Book reviews |

Installing Sizing Beads - By Alan Revere

Arthritis is a common malady which affects many people as they age. People with arthritis often have enlarged knuckles which make it difficult to wear rings. A ring that barely squeezes over an arthritic knuckle may be so loose on the finger that it slips around and around. The simplest solution is...

Tags: | Repairs |

Platinum Alloys - Features and Benefits - By Jurgen J. Maerz

In this presentation I attempted to provide you with information on platinum alloys to help you make an informed decision as to which alloy to employ for your manufacturing venture. There are several alloys I did not mention, mainly because they are experimental and have not found their way into the...

Tags: | Metallurgy |

A Stone Laser Shield - By Steve Satow

I have found this to be a most useful tool to use when rebuilding a bezel using a Laser Welder. It is made from a watchmakers screwdriver and is used to deflect the excess energy reflected at a sensitive stone to prevent damage to the stones surface. This view of the finished product shows 1.5mm X...

Tags: | Customize Your Tools |

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