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Samuel Yellin - Sketching in Iron - By Anna Fariello

By the mid-nineteenth century, European ironwork was in decline due to innovations brought about by the Industrial Revolution. Cast iron was replacing the more time-consuming and skillfully made hammered iron, driving the decorative smith toward extinction. A French historian wrote that the last...

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Maximizing the profitability of bench work - By Tina Wojtkielo

Jeffrey Johnson has two stores, 18 bench jewelers, and over 100 employees-and he still has time to work at the bench. 'I wouldn't be who I am without the bench,' he says. That's why he's got one set up in his office among leather arm chairs, file cabinets, and a desk. When a customer comes into his...

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Cut Loose - Wax Carving Basics: Part 1 - By Kate Wolf

If you are accustomed to working in this additive fashion, the subtractive process of carving wax may be daunting to you at first. It challenges you to find a form, such as a ring, that is trapped in a block of wax. You must get an image of the piece in your minds eye, and then remove excess...

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Tourmaline - A gift from nature - By Sandra I. Smith

Tourmaline is one of the most unusual of all gemstones. Unlike other gems, which we often identify with a single color, tourmaline comes in every hue. Often more than one color occurs in the same crystal. Watermelon tourmaline, which is pale....

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Use Vector Tightening to Overcome Metal Memory in Prongs - By Douglas Hall

Gemstones that become loose in their settings can cause damage to both the gem and the setting. A regular inspection of jewelry can catch this problem in its early stages, before too much damage is done. Vector tightening prong-set stones is a quick, safe and effective way to secure gemstones....

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