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The Enamelist's Vocabulary - By Lilyan Bachrach

Each medium has its own vocabulary and so it is with enamels and enameling. The glass glaze material that is fused to the metal is enamel, the finished work is an enamel piece and the process is enameling. In other words, you enamel enamel with enamel....

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Book Review - Gijs Bakker and Jewelry - By Marjorie Simon

One of the best things about a retrospective book is having a window into the mind of an artist, meandering from idea to idea, watching as obsession evolves into recurring theme. Gijs Bakker is arguably the most famous, and certainly the most prolific, jeweler in Holland. He and Droog Design, the...

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Jade - Jadeite and Nephrite - By Sondra Francis

Jade is a confusing term since it is used to refer to two different gem materials. The two jades, jadeite and nephrite, can be somewhat similar in appearance, so the confusion persists. Jadeite was first imported into China in 1784 from Burma. Up to this time the jade used in China was nephrite...

Tags: | Handbook for the Gem Buyer | Gemstones Information |

Methods of Closing Jump Rings - By Charles Lewton-Brain

In high volume production operations, many jump rings need to be closed one after another. For such fast paced operations, pliers simply won't do. Factory workers need efficient tools for closing jump rings. One such tool consists of a ring that has a slot head on it for gripping and steadying a...

Tags: | Wire Working | Bench Tips & Tricks |

Solder Flow Retardant Notes - By Charles Lewton-Brain

While goldsmiths normally strive to have their solder flow easily, there are times you don't want it to flow, such as spilling over a decorated surface, if it 'freezes' a mechanism, or if it threatens to open a gap in a seam soldered earlier in a construction. The best way of not melting earlier...

Tags: | Soldering |

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