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[273] Copper Mesh Plique a Jour
Interested in illuminating my work and using experimental techniques, I came across copper mesh. There are many kinds of mesh, but only a few are easily obtained without buying in bulk from industrial suppliers. I have been using the 'Impressions' mesh, from American Art Clay Co., with transparent enamels for making plique a jour pieces. The mesh can be purchased from a local craft store or online. There are three varieties available, ranging from dense cloth like mesh , to 1/8 to 1/4 inches diamond shaped expanded mesh.... (2002)
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[92] PLIQUE-A-JOUR - Russian Soldering Method
There are a number of methods for plique a jour, a filigree technique that allows light to shine through the enamel, much like stained glass. With plique a jour, there is no backing for the vitreous enamel; instead a structure of metal is made with open spaces, called cells, for the enamels. I form a framework of fine silver square wire and within that framework I solder wires.... (2003)
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Releated Categories: [Plique-a-jour]
ISBN: 0971925208



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