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[1055] Additive Manufacturing Beams Down to the Jewelry Scene
Did you ever imagine you´d see the day when a finely woven mesh bracelet with thousands of tiny links could be grown in one piece, on a machine, using 18k gold powder? Well, that day has come. It´s jaw -- dropping, really. Today, thanks to additive manufacturing, an intricate piece of jewelry something that used to take countless days of hand labor to make can now be produced overnight on a laser melting machine. The machine builds up a net shape, layer by layer, much the same way as a rapid prototyping system does only instead of resin materials, the layers are made of metal powder.... (2013)
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[212] All that glitters is gold - The Mass Finishing of Gold Jewelry
Design dictates buyer's choices when gold jewelry is purchased and the quality of the pieces certainly plays an important part as well. Not to be overlooked, However, as gold jewelry is readied to go to market, is that shoppers, regardless of price range, are attracted by the glitter of gold. This article deals with recommendations as to how manufacturers can attain that glitter and ensure that the sparkle of the surface finish of their products catches the buying public's eye and wallet. We are going to focus on Mass Finishing, what it can do for you and the various methods and equipment that are available to save you time and money.... (1999)
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[506] Back to Basics: Electroplating & Electropolishing of Jewellery
Electroplating is a method to put a metal coating onto an object, in our case a piece of jewellery, by placing it in a solution containing the metal to be plated and passing an electrical current through the piece and the solution. It is possible to electroplate coatings of most pure metals and even some alloys. In this paper, we shall concentrate on the electroplating of gold and gold alloys and rhodium one of the platinum group of metals with a good white colour and tarnish resistance - for decorative applications. Electroplating is a comparatively quick and easy process to carry out and does not require major investment in costly equipment. It can be done successfully with very simple, basic equipment. Finished carat gold jewellery may be electroplated with gold for several reasons.... (2002)
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[962] Bulk finishing of gold jewellery - I Wet tumbling: basic principles
The correct use of modern, semi- automated finishing processes enables the manufacturer not only to reduce production costs, but also to improve the quality of finish on jewellery produced in series. This is the first of several articles, originally published in AURUM in 1982 on this important topic.... (1982)
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[47] Buttons - Production Project Proposal
This is an example of a production project proposal involving the reproduction of two historically important buttons. This shows how the project is described in terms that allow the client to see what is involved in manufacturing. It is a sample of a description that allows the client a sense of the scope of the job.... (1990)
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