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Behind The Design (81)
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[1049] Mystery Box Jewelry Challenge
Welcome to the Mystery Box Challenge! You are among the select designers who have received this box of materials, Your mission is to use these materials to create a unique piece of jewelry in four weeks´ time. You must incorporate into your design at least one item from each of the six material categories; beyond that, you can use the materials as you wish. You may also add materials as desired.... (2013)
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[696] Opinion - Is There a Jewelry Avant-garde?
The term avant-garde is freighted with baggage from its source in military language. Consider the implications of applying the idea of an armed vanguard to the arts: The term assumes a condition in which a smaller group leads the way for a larger one, which in turn presupposes an overall unity to a field, whether its painting, dance, literature, or crafts. It assumes that a field moves forward all at once, all in the same direction, just like an army. It implies resistance and struggle, and eventual defeat to a countervailing idea. And it suggests a rear-guard, a reactionary group that desperately hangs on to an obsolete idea. A complex narrative of winners and losers, and organized victory over an outmoded idea is compressed into a single phrase.... (2004)
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[527] Practical Jewelry Rendering - Gems, Pearls and Beads
Gems are a lot of fun to render, but because they require some precision, you might want to render a gem first before spending much time on the whole piece, Transfer the outline and paint the stone first. When you like the effect, complete the rest of the rendering around the stone. Where appropriate, use a template to create a delicate colored pencil outline of the stone.... (2001)
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[199] Shaping Up - The evolution of metal clay design
In 1996, Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico, introduced artists and jewelers in the United States to Precious Metal Clay - PMC from Mitsubishi Materials Corp. in Tokyo. The material, a mixture of fine-grained metal powder with an organic binder, could be worked like clay, but became a solid piece of metal when kiln-fired.... (2003)
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[13] Some Hints on Rendering
These pages contain a list of recommended tools to jewelry rendering, as well as a series of projects that I have used in classes. You could construct your own 'self-study' course using them.... (1998)
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