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Tips from the jeweler's bench
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[486] Bench Designers Talk About colored gemstone Jewelry Design and Repair
An experienced bench jeweler will often be able to create almost any design that doesn't actually violate the laws of physics. But colored stones are softer and typically less durable than diamonds, and a setting designed for a diamond may spell disaster with an opal or an emerald. The resulting creation may be beautiful when you first present it to the customer, but if the piece is worn frequently, it's likely to make a quick return to the jeweler's bench for repair. In this article expert gem setters share their tips and warnings for working with colored stones.... (2004)
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[324] Box Clasp Tongue Repair Using Tack and Pulse-arc Welding Technology
This 14-karat yellow gold heavy bracelet chain has a broken tongue at its critical springy location. An ideal method for its repair is a non-torch pulse-arc welding approach so the alloy in the mechanism is not annealed or softened in the process. For this repair, the ABI Tack II and Pulse-Arc welders provide the ideal solution.... (2004)
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[818] Bracelet Tongue Replacement
With the popularity of tennis bracelets over the last 20 years replacing broken tongues has become a common repair in the jewelry shop. Typically these are replaced by soldering a new tongue in place. However, using a torch to solder a tongue onto a bracelet creates two problems.... (2005)
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[220] Chain reaction - Tips on repairing broken chains
The difficulty of chain repair lies in the fact that the chain is made up of fine wires. These wires heat up quickly when trying to melt the solder. Two problems develop. The first is if the wire link gets too hot, it will quickly melt as you are trying to solder.... (2003)
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[963] Custom Fit
Getting a superior fit on your next custom ring order could be just a few mouse clicks away. Superfit Inc., the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer known for its tailor-fit shanks, recently launched Digital Installations, a program that enables jewelers and custom designers to download a design template online that allows the trademarked Superfit technology to be incorporated into any rings unique construction-regardless of dimensions or contours. (2010)
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