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[945] A Photo Tutorial on How To Make a Metal Leaf
A short while back I prepared this short photo tutorial showing how I make leaves from metal. I have use this method whenever shaping leaves that adorn my creations. The tools are minimal and the process is straight forward. The leaf shown was made from copper and I photographed the process in stages to show the simplicity of manufacture, which was less than an hour. I thought this may be of interest to someone who may be interested in making leaves.... (2011)
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[1025] Bring Your A-Game; Designing Around an Incredible Asscher
When a customer brings you a 4.27 carat, E color, VS1 clarity, Asscher cut diamond, it´s tough not to be intimidated and awed. The client, one of my best customers, also had very specific requirements for the platinum bridal set that would house the stone: The engagement ring and wedding band had to be comfortable, fit flush together, and show off the quality and shape of the stone. For the engagement ring, he wanted a simple yet unique mounting that would showcase the stone as best as possible. So I set off to do just that.... (2012)
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[1019] Making a Heistad Cup in Three Minutes
Fold-forming is a hand-working technique applied to single sheets of metal to create surfaces and three-dimensional forms quickly without soldering. It relies on the metal´s plasticity and ductility to make hundreds of complex forms resembling chased, constructed, and soldered shapes. Using thin materials, you can create light, volumetric objects and surfaces. Radical changes in cross-section are possible in only three to five minutes using simple tools such as a hammer, mallet, anvil, vise, rolling mill, and your fingers.... (2012)
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[921] Making a Three-Part Sterling Silver Ring
Using a relatively inexpensive metal and casting it in an ingot mold, you can create a sophisticated design at the low price point many cash-strapped consumers are looking for these days. Using silver casting grain minimizes costs and maximizes profits.... (2010)
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[991] Making hoop earrings from tubing
Tom Dougherty of Studio 2015 in Woodstock, Illinois, had an interesting process to share about making hoop earrings from tubing. He learned the process from Kenneth Guth, a neighboring goldsmith and acclaimed knife maker. By all accounts, Guth has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge with other people, and he has taught workshops on jewelry, metal work, and knife making, both at the college level and to the general public. The process is incredibly simple, and I´m delighted to share it with you here.... (2012)
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