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  Tiffany Inspired Hollow Chain and Stone Set Heart Pendant – Part 2
By: skilman ( 102)
Appeared in: Stone Setting  Fabrication 
Runtime: 9m 23s | Views: 15,242 | Comments: 3
Rating: (7 votes):      

How it's made a Tiffany inspired hollow chain and a heart shaped pendant using hollow technique. 14k gold, hand made.

Posted by pt1000
(2707 days ago)
Hey Giaco,
I know why i feel so high today, I feel
im working again as the veiw is done in the 1st person
andd i m getting so inspired to try working again,
thanks for the inspiration. there are many pore
examples of jewelry made today but your videos are
helping to train a new generation of jewelers that will
be world class, thanks
Posted by pt1000
(2707 days ago)
Hello Giaco,
I sighned up today just so i could
drop you a line. I have been a jeweler as you, with
tremendous passion for all the speciaties of our trade
but lost my livelyhood and have been a severe pain
patient as a result of a back injury.and lost my store
in 03 to cancer. i want you to know how important your
work and dedication to others is. I have enjoyed your
vids for th past year on utube and today i spent all
day watching all your new ones and wow! you are a gift
from God! hey, I have a couple of questions myself, if
you would please. Im really interested in your lead
block work as seen in you crusafix pent, excellent and
a nice artifact for sure!! How are you doing this? are
you just hand punching the lead block in reverse or
what? also, I have not seen a torch like yours, is it
your breath or a foot bellow? You are a man of
tremendous detail and have much passion. Thanks from
the world, I promise
Soon again
Posted by Jim
(2718 days ago)
Thank you for these videos. You seem so sure footed
about what you do, I'm sure that it takes years and
devotion. I learn something new everytime I watch one
of your videos.

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