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Welcome to the Ganoksin Project
The Gem and Jewelry World's foremost Resource on The Internet. Open to the public, Free of Charge!
We are here to build a strong pool of information for the benefit of Web's jewelers and craftsmen - and those interested in jewelry and gemstones.



Jewelry Mkaing Area Square meter, Square centimeter, Square millimeter, Square foot, Square inch.
Jewelry Mkaing Circular Circumference, Radian, Degree, Grad.
Jewelry Mkaing Weight

Metric: Kiloton, Tonne, Hundredweight, Kilogram, Newton, Gram, Carat, Milligram,

Avoirdupois (U.S.): Long Ton, Short Ton, Long Hundredweight, Short Hundredweight, Stone, Pound, Ounce, Dram, Grain.

Troy: Pound, Ounce, Pennyweight, Carat, Dyne, Grain.

Apothecaries: Pound, Ounce, Dram, Scruple, Grain.

Jewelry Mkaing Length

Metric: Kilometer (km),Meter (m), Decimeter (dm), Centimeter (cm), Millimeter (mm).

British And American: League, Mile (mi), Furlong (fur), Chain (ch), Rod (rd), Yard (yd), Foot (ft), Inch (in).

Jewelry Mkaing Pressure

Metric: Pascal, Milibar, Kilopascal. Bar.

Mercury: Inch of mercury, Centimeter of mercury, Milimeter of mercury.

Other: Pound per square foot, Pound per square inch (psi), Atmosphere.

Jewelry Mkaing Temperature Degrees Celsius, Degrees Fahrenheit, Degrees Kelvin
Jewelry Mkaing Volume

Metric: Cubic meter (cu m), Hectoliter (hl), Decaliter (dl), Liter (l), Milliliter (ml), Cubic centimeter (cu cm), Cubic millimeter (cu mm).

U.S. Liquid Measure: Acre foot, Cubic yard (cu yd), Barrel, Cubic foot (cu ft), Gallon (gal), Quart (qt), Pint (pt), Gill (gi), Fluid Ounce (fl oz), Cubic inch (cu in) Fluid dram (fl dr) Minim (min)

U.S. Dry Measure: Cubic yard (cu yd), Barrel, Bushel (bu), Cubic foot (cu ft), Peck (pk), Gallon (gal), Quart (qt), Pint (pt), Gill (gi), Dry Ounce (dr oz), Cubic inch (cu in), Dry dram (dr dr), Minim (min),

British Imperial Liquid And Dry: Bushel (bu), Peck (pk), Gallon (gal), Quart (qt), Pint (pt), Gill (gi), Minim (min)